Welcome to Kenbow Communications


Since 1988 Ken Kebow and Kenbow Communications have been creating award-winning video, film and multimedia projects for clients in San Diego as well as across the United States.

Working with corporate partners and broadcast entities alike, Kenbow Communications has produced, directed and edited programs used for internal communications, training, sales and marketing, home video sales and broadcast.


Kenbow has also produced several broadcast documentaries including the 2008 Emmy Award winning “Conflict, Unity and Love: The TKF Story” which aired on PBS stations across the country.

With over twenty years of experience, hundreds of completed programs and dozens of satisfied clients, Ken Kebow and Kenbow Communications are the best choice for your production and multimedia needs.


Over the past twenty years, Kenbow Communications has teamed up with the following partners on a number of production projects:

• American Airlines
• Callaway Golf
• Ford Motors
• Google
• Jazzercise
• Qualcomm

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